Global Climate Strike Day, September 20, 2019

Alexis Rockman

To support Greta Thunberg,, and the students who began a push for more climate awareness on this particular day, Friday, September 20, 2019, and all through the week to follow, we offer these artists/works of art and other posts that celebrate the beauty of our world, expose the danger to our world from human action or inaction, and/or show commitment to saving our environment and our planet. This is a mere sampling of the beauty and complexity our artists and writers offer at Escape Into Life. We hope these visuals inspire you or give you a moment to pause and think, to meditate, or to plan a concrete action. Let’s put our heads and hearts together to solve this problem.

Art Links:

Trine Bumiller

Mitch Dobrowner

Daniel Dove

Martha Ensign Johnson, What are we stripping away?

Martha Ensign Johnson

Dave Kinsey

Alexander McKenzie

Dorother Kerper Monnelly

Jarrett Murphy, Scottsdale Road

Jarrett Murphy

Mahbubur Rahman

Alexis Rockman

Kazaan Viveiros

Trine Bumiller, Middle Distance

Our EIL Columnists & Reviewers:

Via Basel: On Alaska

Life in the Box: Flagging Our Concerns

Book Review of  The After-Normal, essays on a changing planet

Book Review of Carrie Etter’s Scar, poems on extreme weather

Book Review of Dave Bonta’s Ice Mountain (forest & dog, migratory birds vs. windmills)

Daniel Dove, Prop House

Info Links: 

Global Climate Strike Day

Students free to protest in NYC (& look for up-to-date coverage today!)

Please let us know in comments here at EIL, or on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media what you are doing for Global Climate Strike Day.

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