Alexis Rockman

Artist Bio

Alexis Rockman (b. 1962) has been depicting the natural world with virtuosity and wit for more than two decades. His extensive body of work combines art history, science, and popular culture to address a wide range of subjects from evolutionary biology and genetic engineering to deforestation and global climate change. Each exquisitely rendered painting is an amalgam of historical research, scientific observation and unbridled imagination. Rockman’s sources include botanical illustrations, museum dioramas, nineteenth-century landscape painting, science fiction films, and firsthand field study. From these diverse explorations, he has built a universe of species and scenarios that confound basic perceptions of the living world. His vivid images transport the viewer to a place that is at once bountiful and besieged, where long-extinct creatures inhabit the ruins of modern monuments and household pets drift among the cosmos. This ability to straddle the boundary between empirical fact and plausible fiction has garnered the attention of scientists and art critics alike.  (bio)

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