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Artist Statement

I’ve always been very intrigued about the interaction between us humans and our environment. This includes the environment that already existed before us, i.e. the natural world, and the environment that we created for ourselves, i.e. ‘civilization’ and the modern industrial/corporate world. It’s sad that the manipulation of both of these environments have a lot left to be desired. The natural world is eroding from our existence, and the artificial world is full of war, famine, greed and purposelessness. We think that we are superior to both these environments, but looking at natural disasters and the raw power of mother nature, it’s pretty obvious how miniscule and powerless we are; we also think we can master the civilized environment where we think we have more control, but we are oblivious as to how this environment masters us. I attempt to photograph both these worlds, to show the limits of our strength against nature, and the adversities caused by us in the ‘civilized’ world. These photographs attempt to show the first half – the vastness and the overwhelming power of the natural world, and put any of our misguided notions of superiority to rest.

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