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About the Artist

Katrin Berge is a Norwegian artist and illustrator living and working in the beautiful city of Bergen. She has held several exhibitions in Norway as well as illustrating for album covers, literature and music magazines, and has done work for the biggest newspaper in Bergen, Bergens Tidende. She won a prize for her drawings in 2009 in Norway’s biggest annual contest for visual communication, Visueltkonkurransen, for editorial illustration.

Her work is mainly figurative with surreal elements. She always looks to the nature and animals for inspiration when working. She’s also inspired by fairytales, myths and legends, and her work consistently brings up themes around childhood.

Artist Bio

2007-2010 Master degree in Visual communication from Bergen National Academy of the Arts
2004-2007 Bachelor degree in Visual communication from Bergen National Academy of the Arts
2002-2004 Ålesund Kunstfagskole, private art school

Katrin Berge’s Website

Interview with Katrin Berge

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