Ione Rucquoi

escapeintolife ione r 1Bête Noir, 2007, 99 x 93 cm

escapeintolife Ione R 2bHorn Boy, 2010, 100 x 80 cm

escapeintolife 3Killer, 2007, 99 cm x 88 cm

escapeintolife ione 3 4Birthday Girl,2007, 96 cm x 93 cm

escapeintolife ione r 5 Crabbie, 2006, 1010 x 96 cm

escapeintolife ione r 7The Nest, 2007, 106 cm x 106 cm

escapeintolife Ione rucquoiHeart to Heart, 2006, 106 x 109 cm

escapeinolife Ione Rucquoi 8Mother and Child, 2010, 100 x 82 cm

About the Artist

Ione Rucquoi’s  striking artwork is sometimes uncomfortable and disarming; challenging the viewer/potential buyer and probing at our own uneasiness.

The images centre on women, their emotions, relationships, rites of passage and feminine psychology. She is inspired by beauty, ‘the beast within’, preconceptions and misconceptions.

Each image is captured through photography, but Ione doesn’t see herself as a photographer. She layers the images by painting the background, painting and dressing the model — including make-up, prosthetics, costume and props — as though her subject is a character on a stage.

The protagonists of her artwork are often exaggerated, distorted and surreal. Some images evolve quickly, but other ideas remain floating in her subconscious until she’s ready to express them through art.

Ione explains: “A lot of my work is autobiographical. It’s not the sort of work I can just churn out. It’s sometimes difficult with people breathing down your neck asking you to produce more work.”

Ione collects feathers, bones, shells and other props to use in her images from Dartmoor. Her freezer is half full with dead animals collected from farmers and abattoirs. But at the moment her pregnancy is making her ‘too squeamish to work with guts’.

Ione’s surreal images both repulse and attract you. Innards play a symbolic role in her images, but also a practical reality.

“I’m not trying to shock people. We have all got guts inside us and it’s what makes us tick and allows us to live,” she said. (More)

Ione Rucquoi’s Website

Ione Rucquoi at bo.lee Gallery

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