Collected Essays by Chris

Collected Essays by Chris R. Al-Aswad

man-in-bowler-hatRene Margritte, Man in the Bowler Hat

The Line of Beauty
The Undiscovered Self
Blogging and Technology for Writers
Taking off the Mask
Here come the Culture Critics
When Will We Live Online

What is Character?
Reflecting on Basquiat
On Genius
What is Contemporary Art?
How many of us are self-medicating?
Opening Pandora’s Box: Assisted Suicide
Re-Thinking Iran and Twitter
Is Social Technology Making Us Smarter?
The Divided Self
Is the Internet Killing Culture?
The Occasional Jerk
What is it to be an artist?
Is All Innocence Tragic?
Vanity, Insecurity, and Shame
Meditations and Aphorisms
Social Technology is Transforming Our World
I Want to Invest in Your Idea–Mine Sucks
Love and Friendship in the Age of Facebook

The Imaginary Audience
On Reading and the Web
Escape Artist
The Paradox of Dreams
The Magic Pill, or Self-Destruction
Where do we stand on Internet Copyright Law?

2005 – 2007
“Eased with being nothing”
The Secret of Fulfillment
A Writer’s Revelation
The Creative Womb
The Art of Self-Forgetfullness
No Exit
The ceaseless production of reality
In Defense of Self-Resignation
A Spiritual Manifesto for the New Millennium
The Object of Meditation
Inside the Grail Chamber
The Struggle is with myself
The Logic of Opposites
Letting Go
The Ocean, the Sea
What is your existential challenge?
Memory, Story, Reality

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