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About the Artist

Manon Kündig (b.1983) is a Swiss fashion designer with a 2012 Masters degree from the Royal Academy of Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

“A Bowerbird is a bird. I did discover it thanks to David Attenborough, (this bird)  It was too good to not be used. It gave me so much freedom. I could act like a bird and make a collection where everything is possible and imaginable. The aesthetic of the bird has no hierarchy. Rubbish can be beauty. A cocktail. The bird picks whatever is in his surrounding. It is what I did or always do. Therefore there are lots of stolen google images. The Bowerbird is a commune looking small brown bird acting like a peacock with his material goods. This behaviour is really close to the macho-male showing off his car and t-shirt with a brand-tag. I live in this kind of neighbourhood. Borgerhout. Borgerhout is called borgerocco in Antwerp slang. The hood is majority Moroccan. I love the eclectic mix that can be seen between the more traditional garments and the “megastore” clothes. A cocktail like I said. Cheap fake fur bed rugs mixed with real snake skin. Posh silk with nasty polyester. Digital prints with handmade marbling prints.”  (Triangulation blog)

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