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Frank Herfort, a young German photographer, who lives and works in Russia and Germany, spent his youth in Leipzig (German Democratic Republic). His style is influenced by social realism: People are shown in their everyday life, which seems to be made up by banal details. Urban areas are captured in their vast dimensions. At a first quick glance this appears to be a simply frank, straightforward and clear reflection of ‘reality’. A longer reception reveals that this depiction can be seen as ironic, questioning and hyper-real. During his time as a photography student at Hamburg art school he continuously assisted Gulliver Theis. In addition, he worked as an assistant and freelancer in London while he participated in a scholarship programme. Through that he familiarized himself with the professional working process. Flexibility, diligence, conscientiousness and clarity are his strengths while dealing with clients. Over the years, he acquired a range of different photography awards. His photographic expertise lies in the fields of people, architecture, interior and combinations of these. (bio)

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  1. Steven Vance says:

    Can we get some captions? I want to know what's going on in the last photo. Who is the person sitting at the desk, and where are they sitting?

  2. lethe says:

    Visit Herfort's website . . .

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  4. lethe says:

    we don't usually “make up” captions

  5. lethe says:

    we don't usually “make up” captions

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