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Thanks to OvO for finding this artist!

  • KM

    I think DON KENN maybe he uses it from the spanish DON meaning gentleman. But of course I am not sure on that but it would make some sense that way.

  • Jollyrancher1212

    That's exactly what I thought too! It's totally “Where the Wild Things Are”!

  • Nayfin

    I love these. SO much.

  • Lybrertye

    These are so MTV :))

  • Tebby

    LOL, sooo true :DD

  • Tebby

    Me likey ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jillian

    I love the trees!

  • Moshfr

    Really cool! I like all of these a lot

  • Redhanded

    No they're not. MTV's been murdering art since the end of the 90's (right about when the Real World taught the executive types that mindlessness sells and that substance and what the 'M' stands for are irrelevant).

  • Cyklops42069

    This is very nice art.

  • prePOSTerous

    I'd read that children's book.

  • Alnitah

    Will anything crosshatched be linked to Where the Wild Things Are…? O.o

  • the second picture caught my attention the most

  • Mricher426

    totally dig your style

  • this is spooky and lovely ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Yes it reminds me of where the wild things are.

  • Leonine1989

    this is mind boggling.. what goes in you mind when you make this? this is awesome.. sooper strange and psychedelic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tnsatine

    Yes,me too.

  • Elana


  • Hannah_renowden

    oh my goodness….i LOVe this!

  • Jonathan

    you make the best monsters.

  • jove, by jove

    these monster are endearing yet creepy.

  • Umiki Chiyoko

    I will now have nightmares for the next week….lol just kidding XD These are cool ^^

  • me to

  • Kimer

    gud hvor jeg elsker dem John…/Kimer

  • Donna Mehdiyar

    Hahahahahaha these are weird, freaky and creepy at the same time, Hahaha wow

  • drollgirl

    dude! these are rad! they totally remind me of edward gorey!

  • drollgirl

    dude! these are rad! they totally remind me of edward gorey!

  • Yomama

    slender man…

  • leonardo

    Art that requires talent=John Kenn’s art

  • awsome!

  • Glorylehman

    awesome, good, and creepy:)

  • Mistmann

    Very good and unusual drawings. Of course, the comparison to Gorey is inevitable, but there is also a resonance with the turn of the century Norwegian illustrator, Theodore Kittelsen. Sorry that this young artist has left the planet.

  • I like it!

  • tH

    nice style. very effective, visually appealing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What is it about John Kenn’s images that draws people like a magnet? Why do you like them? We’d really love to hear!

  • Guest

    Pretty cool.

  • dayshaaa

    precious nd papeess . 3psss

  • Msena

    these are just good. thank you for sharing

  • Influenced by where the wild things are?

    Very nice.

  • deer prudence

    Amazing – these monsters look terrifying and vulnerable at the same time. Very, very good!

  • beautiful illustrations!!!!

  • Linda

    okey i really need the artist to respond to this because this freaks me out…

    when i was about 3 years old i had a nightmare which i can remember to this day (i’m 21 now) I swear i never saw these drawings before in my life… but mr John Kenn… you just EXACTLY drew this particular nightmare!! Those bulky monsters standing outside that little house… the two gostly girls hovering above the yard…the giant by the wall.. i seriously dreamt this when i was a toddler! Every detail fits! O.o

    i wondered all my life why the heck i always remembered this particular nightmare from so long ago.. and now i see this! :S

    Someone needs to explain this freakyness to me…


    very cool stuff.

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  • waw….nice

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  • Great Artist….

  • paper

    I really want to buy the book,but I am in Shanghai,how can I find and buy it,please help me

  • Netshipale Austination