20 Most Popular Artist’s on EIL

Release Gentle Spirits, Kathleen Lolley

Escape into Life presents the top 20 Artist’s with the most “unique” page views (views from a single IP address).  John Kenn continues to be the most viewed artist. We made a showcase for Kenn because of the phenomenon his artwork has created on this site. There are currently 149 comments on the original post, involving arguments about the originality of Kenn’s work, namecalling, and effusive declarations of love. At 23,747 unique views in the last 30 days, we commend any artists who come even a fraction close to this number.

2. Kathleen Lolley 17,224 unique pageviews.  Lolley quickly became the second most popular artist gaining 17,000 page views within days of featuring her. She also has been viewed +24K on StumbleUpon. Kathleen Lolley will be an artist to keep an eye on for her future development.

3. Anne-D Mejaki 9,531 unique pageviews. We are honored to have Mejaki featured on EIL as she submitted her work to us just months ago. Her work has proven to be loved by all. We look forward to seeing more of Mejaki’s work on EIL in the near future.

4. Julie Heffernan 6,721 unique page views. For over the past year Heffernan continues to be a big favorite on EIL.

5. Veronique Meignaud 5,087 unique page views. Meignaud has been with us since last year but proven to become very popular in the past months.

6. Shinichi Maruyama 4,228 unique page views. Maruyama creates amazing photographs of ink flying through the air. No single image is ever recreated.

7. Matthew Watkins 3,411 unique views. With our ever changing world of technology, the iPad and iPhones have forever changed how people view art in the digital world. Watkins has helped pave the way as a founding member of iAMDA.

8. Richard Estes 2,524 unique views. Estes, among other photorealism painters, continue to capture the amazement of peoople with convincing illusion.

9. Matthew Naquin 2,472 unique page views. Naquin is another art submission we are grateful in having on EIL.

10. Camila do Rosário 2,316 unique page views.


11. Johanna Degerlia 2,180 unique page views.


12. The Graphic Art of Johan Bjorkegren 2,056 unique page views.


13. Mark Paczkowski 1,966 unique page views.


14. Arthur Rackham’s Alice in Wonderland Illustrations 1,767 unique page views.


15. Fernando Herenu aka Pulpo 1,437 unique page views.


16. David Kramer 1,149 unique page views.


17. Katarina Stefanovic 1,113 unique page views.


18. Masha Vinogradova 1,082 unique page views.


19. Paul Tremblay 1,076 unique page views.


20. Margarita Georgiadis 1,049 unique page views.


EIL runners-up who come close to the 1,000 mark and have been in our top list previously are: Nick Brandt, Carolina Souss, and David Salle. Many of these artists still receive comments commending their work.



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