Lauren E. Simonutti

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti 1

playing to an empty house, 2007

year’s end II – the queen, 2006

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti 3

n theory-yes, in practice-no., 2007

(Too late she discovered that escaping from the tower was only half the battle)

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti 4

player piano, 2008

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti 5

given enough rope, 2010

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti

the impostor, 2007

(For the life of her she would never understand how she didn’t see it right from the start.)

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti 7puppetmaster has lost her strings, 2010

(Having had no ideas for quite some time I am taking pictures about not being able to make pictures.)

escape into life Lauren E. Simonutti 8

hair of the dog, 2010

Artist Statement

“Madness strips things down to their core. It takes everything and in exchange offers only more madness, and the occasional ability to see things that are not there….The problem with madness is that you can feel it coming but when you tell people you think you are going crazy they do not believe you. It is too distant a concept. Too melodramatic. You don’t believe it yourself until you have fallen so quickly and so far that your fingernails are the only thing holding you up, balanced with your feet dangling on either side of a narrow fence with your heart and mind directly over center, so that when you do fall it will split you in two. And split equally. So there’s not even a stronger side left to win…..Over three and one half years I have spent alone amidst these 8 rooms, 7 mirrors, 6 clocks, 2 minds and 199 panes of glass. And this is what I saw here. This is what I learned.”  (Jane Fulton Alt)

Lauren E. Simonutti’s Flickr

Lauren E. Simonutti’s Blog

Lauren E. Simonutti at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Thanks to Fred Shively for finding this artist

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