Jen Mitsuko

At a young age I experimented with art in the form of drawing as a way to express myself. When I became older I played music, and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I fell in love with photography. From the first moment of developing my own photograph in the darkroom to stepping into the light and seeing the results; I was in love. It’s something magical; the beauty of reality that photographs created and the beautiful lies too. They can tell stories, secrets, document, observe or create a new world. The possibilities are limitless of how you want to express yourself.

I have used 4×5, medium format, and 35mm cameras, but digital is my preferred method. I have complete control of the look, feel, and output of the image, where sometimes in film you leave it to chance.

I love that photography can be real and fictional. I strive to search for some kind of truth in a world that feels like a dream. The use titles help give the audience another perspective of the work, and perhaps see the piece in a new light. For me my photography is an art forum, and that’s how I view it and think about it.

Artist Statement

In photography I strive to create work that feels and looks like a painting. At the end it’s all what you perceive it to be.

Some of my influences in photography range from Ansel Adams, Trent Parke, Cindy Sherman, to Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison. I’m also influenced by painters like Mark Rothko, Frank Stella (specifically his “black paintings”), and Rene Magritte. Music is also very important to me, and it influences my work as well. Some musician that influence my work are; Ryuichi Sakamoto, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fennesz, Alva Noto, and Boris & Merzbow (Sun baked snow caves).

I have shown across the U.S., and I am working on gaining international exposure. Recently I received an Honorable mention in The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Official Selection for Prix De La Photographi Paris, Award of Excellence from Photographer’s Forum, Photo of the Day from Light & Composition Magazine for 12/8/11 and 12/14/11. I’m currently working on a new project Waking into the Light.

Jen Mitsuko’s Website

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  1. says:

    awesome pics WTG

  2. bluevertical says:

    some nice shots in the mix. i would love to see multiple specific groups and/or series as opposed to a mix of different ideas. nice work though

  3. Beautiful work so very stellar

  4. love the beauty of your eye

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