Dana Colcleasure

Dana Colcleasure, EIL Stuck Series, road, traffic lights

Dana Colcleasure, EIL Stuck Series, Ensenberger building

Dana Colcleasure, EIL Stuck Series, gold (leaves, shadows)

Dana colcleasure, EIL Stuck Series, sun thru screen

Dana Colcleasure, EIL Stuck Series, pins

Dana Colcleasure, EIL Stuck Series.puddle

Images from the Stuck Series

Artist Statement

My most recent series, Stuck, is a pretty clear departure from my previous work and that is one of the reasons I’m enjoying it so much. Over the past few years, I have been experiencing a problem with my hip that was only recently discovered to be a mild birth defect. The problem causes me, suddenly and usually without warning, to lock into place, with little ability to move below the waist for as much as a minute at a time, numerous times a day. And while a minute “Stuck” in place probably doesn’t seem like much, the people who have walked across intersections with me, especially this past year as it has gotten worse, might disagree. It was out of sheer frustration and a need for positivity during a month’s long wait for surgery to correct the issue that led to the creation of the Stuck series. I started to realize, during conversations with friends, that I might be missing out on documenting some of the silly, interesting or even boring places I get stuck. With fifty-something days left until surgery, I decided to give it ago before it was too late. While I feel my DSLR is a natural extension of who I am, my phone is the only object I carry with me at all times when Stuck happens. So, with that, I give you the beginning of my latest series, Stuck: A forced, fixed-perspective, iPhotography adventure. Stuck will continue through late November, 2014. UnStuck (and other new work) begins early 2015. 

About the Artist 

Dana Colcleasure is a photographer, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, most recently of Normal, Illinois, where she relocated with her husband and sons a few years ago. Dana started her practice as a photographer as a young girl without realizing it by using car windows to frame images while on long drives to see her grandparents or on vacation road trips with her parents. During her high school career, she was formally introduced to film photography and the darkroom. Once there, she immediately felt at home. She was offered her first job as a photographer just before high school graduation and has continued to pursue the medium in one form or another ever since. Over the years, that led to her participating in juried group shows such as Venus Envy and the permanent collection at Uptown Station in Normal, being the co-pioneer in the non-profit group, Missouri Heart Gallery, which uses photography to aid in the permanent placement of foster children, and more recently, venturing out into her first solo show. 

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