Candice Milon

escapeintolife candice 1radish

escapeintolife c milon 2tete sur table 1

escapeintolife c milon 3tete sur table 2

escapeintolife c milon 4still life 1

escapeintolife c milon 5venus clam

escapeintolife c milon 6 snails and leaves

escapeintoliofe c milon 7poire

escapeintolife c milon 8grenada

About Candice Milon

Candice Milon is particularly fascinated with the history of painting and its classical symbolism. Early on she developed the idea of introducing these traditional themes into the world of the photographic image. Eager to incorporate the notion of a particular sense of stillness that many classical paintings contain, she shoots in a way that replicates a sense of isolation.

Her work is primarily based on capturing perspectives of inanimate objects and people that force us to take a second look. She aims to photograph her subjects in a way that brings out an unexpected visual aesthetic. (more)

Candice Milon’s Website

Candice Milon at YellowKorner

Candice Milon at Figure Gallery, Paris, France

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