Brian Taylor

Taylor_The Good Wife

The Good Wife

Taylor_Three Hour Tour

Three Hour Tour

Taylor_The West, Then and Now

The West, Then and Now

Taylor_Lake Boy Indian

Lake, Boy, Indian

Taylor_Somewhere a Man's Shoes are Wet

Somewhere a Man’s Shoes are Wet

Taylor_The Wolf on my Island

The Wolf on My Island

Taylor_Little Pink Houses

Little Pink Houses

Taylor_Changing Nature

Changing Nature

Artist Statement

I create photographically illustrated books springing from my fascination with the book format and a love of texture in art. My imagery is inspired by the surreal and poetic moments of living in our fast-paced, modern world. I’m fascinated by how daily life in the 21st Century presents us with incredible experiences in such regularity that we no longer differentiate between what is natural and what is colored with implausibility, humor, and irony.

These hard cover books are hand bound with marbleized paper and displayed fully opened to a photographically illustrated two-page folio spread. Each book is framed in a wooden shadowbox and presented as a wall piece. I like the idea of making art that contains some imagery which can be sensed but not seen. The underlying pages contain my photographs, snapshots, and work prints that “gave their lives” for the imagery visible in the open spread. These images lie beneath the open pages like history.

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