Stephan Balleux

PaintingPainting#27, 2009, pastel on paper, 140 x 110 cm.

The Catch #02, 2010, oil on canvas, 200 x 150 cm.

Father, 2009, pastel on paper, 150 x 110 cm.

PaintingPainting#24, 2009, oil on canvas, 200 x 150 cm.

Chair Girl, 2008, oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm.

Roger, 2009, oil on canvas, 24 x 20 in.

Vanity #4, 2007, oil on canvas, 200 x 150 cm.

Vanitas #01, 2006, oil on canvas, 180 x 240 cm.

About the artist

Stephan Balleux is a Belgian artist based in Berlin, Germany. His work deals with the position of painting in our digital age. The various techniques (drawing, painting, sculpture, video and special effects) constitute as many fields of investigation. From these experiences emerges an image, in constant change, erasing any temporality. Like a virus, the pictorial texture propagates itself and its digitalization becomes an eminently contemporary process (ArtInfo).

Excerpt from artist statement

“I apply the characteristics of painting to the different media, like a virus, in order to enhance one or several components and get a global vision which we could label «expanded painting». In a reversed perspective, I apply to painting other media’s components, borrowing, for instance, from photography its quality of focus, blur and texture. I also borrow from computer imagery a precise mastering of the whole image” (painting painting project).

Stephan Balleux’s Website

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