Nate Frizzell

A Short Break Between Flights

Lost in the Thicket, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 41 cm

Hope on a String (2007), acrylic on canvas,  122 x 153 cm

She Huffed and She Puffed

Parliament of Rooks, acrylic on canvas

On the Prowl (2010)

Polar Bear Study

About the Artist

Nathan Frizzell (b.1984) is a Southern Californian through and through. Raised in Riverside, Nate took up residence in Los Angeles to pursue a professional art career, all the while the golden state’s influence can be seen reverberating through his work.

Using bold and colourful images of children at play – and in turmoil- Frizzell creates intimate stories that mask his own feelings of immaturity. Using both highly rendered images and softer graphic design elements, Frizzell weaves stories into his paintings that we can all see ourselves being a part of. (bo.lee gallery)

Nate Frizzell’s Blog

Nate Frizzell  at bo.lee Gallery

Thanks to Jerry Shawback for finding this artist

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  1. Yes, lovely work, something vaguely sad and disturbing though, would you agree?

  2. Wingpea says:

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