Michael Accorsi

Blessingway Dancer

alberi di mattina

Cezzane’s Apples

girasoli e margherite

Red Violin

Monochrome Sketch 3

“Art is life seen through man’s inner craving for perfection and beauty.” – Paul Outerbridge

Artist Statement

My paintings are an extension of my drawings in graphite. I like my paintings to contain the transparency of the drawing and leave enough space for the viewer to interpret.

I ensure all of my work is completed using the highest quality artist materials available. Any work in graphite, Conté, or charcoal is protected for longevity in a matte varnish mastic or clear coat. Although most of my gallery pieces are in oil, I enjoy working in mixed media and pushing the boundaries of the painting surface. Combinations of gouache, Conté, graphite, ink, even eye shadow to create depth singular medium uses cannot replicate.

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