Lee Baker

Artist Bio

Lee’s creative talents began at a young age customizing his first VW Beetle when he was only 16. He displayed his cars at various VW shows to until 1990 when he followed the bright lights of Newcastle University to study fine art where he focused on Audio Visual Installations and Print Making.

After graduating in 1993 Lee worked as a community artist for several years, where he worked with disadvantaged children creating large scale works. In 1996 Lee moved to Brighton in time and moved his attention to music and fringe theatre, while freelancing as a prop maker and stage set painter at The National Theatre and English National Opera.

In 2000, feeling disillusioned Lee stopped working as a commercial artist and made the first steps towards a successful music production career and while he has always stayed in touch with art and design he has only recently begun to print again.  (Boxbird)

Lee Baker’s Website

Lee Baker on Boxbird

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