John R. Baird

John Baird 1 - escapeintolifePyjamas, 120 x 150 cm

John Baird 2 escapeintolifePastoral, acrylic, shellac on board, 90 x 120 cm

John Baird 3 escapeintolifeOver the Side, oil on board, 122 x 150 cm

John Baird x escapeintolifeGingham Tabelcloth (He takes no notice of her spectacular behaviour), oil on board, 150 x 122

John Baird 4 escapeintolifeRadish, acylic, fabric, shellac on board, 90 x 120 cm

John Baird 6 escapeintolifeWicker Lamp, oil and shellac on board, 150 x 120 cm

John Baird 6 escapeintolifeDolores, oil on board, 153 x 125 cm

John Baird 7 escapeintolifeAt the Table, oil on board, 150 x 22 cm

John Baird 7 escapeintolifeVera, oil on board, 61 x 54 cm

John Baird 9 escapeintolifeOff the Pier, oil on board, 150 x 112 cm


About the Artist

Baird’s practice encompasses both painting and sculpture in a distinctive, bold style. His work often investigates the interior landscape of domestic life and the slippage between utilitarianism and decoration. The comfortable chair, the dressing table or the floral arrangement are all elevated from the commonplace.

Baird explores the activities we engage in as well as the objects that surround us. He plays with the traditional genre of still life in a distinctive whimsical style; fantastical flowers sit majestically amongst stylized interiors, whilst his figures bend and twist themselves into frame. Vintage fabrics and wallpapers are collaged into his latest compositions giving texture to the surface, spatial depth, and the impression of woodblock printing.

John Baird at ArtHouse Gallery

John Baird at Eastgate & Holst Gallery

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