Charming Baker

EscapeIntoLife_CharmingBaker1The Things I Crush Becomes The Rungs On Which I Ascend, 2010, oil on linen

EscpeIntoLife_CharmingBaker2Just One Of The Many Gods I Don’t Believe In, 2010, oil and drilled wood on panel

EsacpeIntoLife_CharmingBaker3The Unfathomable Distance Of Proximity

EscapeIntoLife_CharmingBaker3Let Us Ricochet Off All The Alternatives that Destiny Has To Offer, 2010, oil on linen


Portrait of Estelle


Love Is Never Putting All Your Eggs In One Bastard, 2010, oil and shotgun holes on linen


Live Everyday Like Your Hair Was On Fire, 2009, oil on drilled panel


So Who Are The Glorious Dead Anway?, 2009, oil on linen

EscapeIntoLife_CharmingBaker9I See Things I Don’t Want to Be In People I Like The Most, 2010, oil and gold leaf on linen

EscapeIntoLife_CharmingBaker10Some Mechanisms That Trigger Desire Are Not Easily Understood, 2008, oil on linen on wood panel

The short film below was commissioned by Paul Smith Limited and co-directed by Aboud Creative and Digital Pro. It features behind the scenes footage of the new Paul Smith London advertising campaign. The artist Charming Baker is the subject, and the video incudes footage at Baker’s London studio. There are several excellent vidoes besides on Charming Baker’s website.


Charming Baker’s Website

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