Songs Under the Sheltering Sky by Kayin Wong

Photo by Kornél Mezo

Autumn is often miscast as a maudlin season, its brisk mornings and early sunsets causing many to wish for summer once more. But autumn is also a time for contemplation; as the gales whistle outdoors, music can offer a refuge from the weather and provide a warming sanctum in the bitter mornings and crisp nights.

Kayin Wong’s mixtape Songs Under the Sheltering Sky, her first for EIL, is a perfect example of such music: its soft acoustic tones and folk textures showing us that we can settle into autumn and enjoy it, not just wish for summertime. Before Christmas madness takes hold, take some time out of your day and bask in autumn’s colourful glory, with this mixtape as your guide.




1. Earthly Bodies – J.Tillman

2. Anyone’s Ghost – The National

3. The Swell Season – The Swell Season

4. Map of the Falling Sky – Magnolia Electric Co.

5. Cicadas – Cowboy Junkies

6. Sunday Sun – Beck

7. Souverian – Andrew Bird

8. Gossip in the Grain – Ray LaMontagne


Kayin Wong works full time in dance education administration in San Francisco. In her spare time she likes to chill, eat, write, and listen to music. Her website is Poetry In the Mind’s Well.

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