Escape Into Life Digest No. 43


Upon the Cheek of Night by Christy Lee Rogers

In the chill of the great North Wind, a little ice and hoarfrost adds a lacey fringe to our shorter days. Here you can find a couple of presents to you from all of us here at EIL, as well as gifts of art and merriment to give to those you love in this holiday season.

MP3, from Los Campesinos!, “By Your Hand” . . . A little holiday gift from Chris Kapolas and EIL — catch the link to a bitterly sweet-sad song spun out in full eight-piece band style. Funny how the saddest songs can cheer you up, especially if they feature a glockenspiel….

Streaming: Origins by Tennis . . . While we are on the subject of caroling, Chris also brings us a bit of streaming fun. The song “Origins” is a bright and moody piece by Indie-Pop band Tennis. Part of their upcoming album release, EIL contributor finds this offering to have a bit more muscle than their debut effort.

Blog: Best of the Net Nominations . . . If you haven’t been keeping up with the EIL blog, don’t miss the small wrapped gifts that appear in the contributions of Kathleen Kirk, EIL poetry editor. Her blog pieces introduce new writers and this end of the season round-up of online fiction and poetry excellence makes a great stocking stuffer. Kirk’s eclectic picks provide bit of bright and a lot to think about.

Artist Watch, Photography by Tviga . . . It is always a pleasure to see photography featured on Artist Watch and these wintry images from Russia are as wild and stark as the deep forests they capture. Tviga’s work reminds us that only 8 percent of the earth’s forests are protected. With ambitious projects such as the Sound Light and Sound Still project, she makes sound visible in haunting interactive installations. Go deeper into the forest where the fairytales began…

Escape Into Life Store . . . In this season of giving don’t forget the art prints and other products available in the EIL store! Gorgeous works by some of EIL’s favorite artists are available at affordable prices and give us the opportunity to support working artists while giving a piece of living beauty. The gift of art will never be forgotten and has the advantage, in these dark Mall days, of being both stunning and unique. Right now you get 15 per cent off and a free EIL t-shirt with your order. Forget crowded shopping lines, bring your hot toddy and stop by our store for a quiet and rewarding eye-candy experience.

First Annual EIL Fiction Contest . . . Judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler, EIL is excited to announce our first fiction contest, featuring 500$ in cash as well as a cornucopeia of lovely prizes.  The deadline is December 31st, however, so throw your hat in the ring soon!

Poems of Thanks and Praise . . . Here are lines of hope and glory to carry us into the holiday season. A short collection of savory verse by various artists anchored Thanksgiving feasting in thoughtfulness and reverence at the end of November. In the words of Robert E. Brewer,

bless this night that won’t end until the sun
rises. bless this conversation headed
everywhere & nowhere & don’t spare
me one more inch or let this fire burn out

Amen, and “God Bless Us, Every One.”

Stacy Ericson is an editor, poet, and photographer addicted to imagery both in word and in art.  Her work often reflects her roots in the western states and an abiding interest in other cultures, ancient languages and religions, and other visceral passions. She lives and works in Boise, Idaho. Her poetry, fiction, essays, and photos can be found at the old bouquet , while fine art and portrait work can be seen on her professional website Stacy Ericson Photography.

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  1. Kathleen Kirk says:

    Loved seeing this gathering, Stacy, and I am also enjoying your alphabetical blog posts! To give credit where it’s due, I only pick the poetry nominees.  Our new literary editors always pick the prose award nominations!

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