New 2012 Edition by Jason Thielke

Don’t Be Afraid 

Imprinted Dweller 

I Had A Vision



Rachel’s Heart

About The Artist

Jason Thielkeʼs figurative drawings explore the constellation of human experience. Yet this exhibition marks a departure for the artist, away from technical perfection. Previous works involved laser etching and many hours digitally recreating his original, hand-drawn sketches. For Zero-zero, the artist is hand-drawing directly on wooden panel.

“My favorite tool is colored pencil and graphite. Itʼs all fun, but thatʼs what really pulls it together for me, the areas that are coming into focus, thatʼs whatʼs doing it. Itʼs a tool that is translating and allowing the continuation of my style,” Thielke said. He prefers Prismacolor and Staedtler graphite.

Another shift is that instead of creating abstraction from fine detail, the artist is starting from abstraction, and the work gets tighter as he proceeds. Itʼs coming into focus instead of blurring out of focus.

“A lot of my work is sort of obsessed with negative space, trying to come up with the perfect composition, and I tried to let go of that a little bit this time around,” Thielke said. “I guess itʼs a constant struggle, being a loose artist and planning things out. The women figures, the newer ones, like Survivor, I think sheʼs emotionally messy, and that comes across with the way that Iʼm drawing now.”

The work is still made up of lines and planes, of architectural elements, but the lines are now diverse in their weight and thickness — not all are heavy and black, some are thin and fine, others fat and velvety. And while Thielkeʼs previous work explored the combination of swirling curvilinear lines versus harsh, straight edges, here the effect is more like patterns that whisper Gustav Klimt, minus the eroticism, gold leaf, and Freudian psychoanalysis. Lines that are less sterile and more infused with an admiration and respect for the strong, powerful female form. – Leanne Goebel (Read more)

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