Best of the Net Nominations 2016


Randall David Tipton, Standing Water

Best of the Net Nominations 2016

[for work published between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016] 

Please enjoy the poems and short fiction by these writers by clicking the link attached to each nominee. Some links take you directly to the work itself and/or the writer’s solo feature here at Escape Into Life, and some take you to short theme-based anthologies where you will also find other fine work published here at EIL. So have a good time reading!

Poetry Nominees

Pat Daneman [February 10, 2016]
“The Long Night Makes of Him a Coyote”
in Love/Anti-Love at EIL

Jennifer Finstrom [April 6, 2016]
“I Confide in Charles Baudelaire About My Divorce”
in ABCs of Poetry at EIL

Susanna Lang [November 11, 2105]
“Cooling Off in the Pavilion of Being Stripped Naked”
from her solo feature at EIL

Bethany Reid [May 4, 2016]
“The Report Card”
in Mother’s Day 2016 at EIL

Hannah Stephenson [March 16, 2016]
in Lucky Charms at EIL

Valerie Wallace [June 1, 2106]
from her solo feature at EIL

Fiction Nominees 

Kristine Ong Muslim [December 11, 2105[ 
“The Psychopomps”

Kathleen Rooney [January 22, 2016]
“La Tentative de l’Impossible” 

We are so pleased to highlight and share these works with you as part of the process of nominating great work to the annual Best of the Net anthology gathered by Sundress Publications, which honors work published online! You can read about the nominating process and access past anthologies at the links below. 

Best of the Net 

Past Editions of Best of the Net 

Submission Guidelines for Best of the Net

Sundress Publications 

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