2021 Best of the Net Nominations

Crown, by Dan Reisner

Please join us in congratulating Escape Into Life‘s poetry nominees for the 2021 Best of the Net anthology, with gratitude to Sundress Publications for offering this award series! Click the links below to find the poems in their solo or multi-poet themed features. 

for work published between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021

Lauren Camp, “The Road Where the Gulls Wheel”
in Lauren Camp: New Poems on December 23, 2020

Jennifer Finstrom, “Isolation Love Poem with an Elevator”
in Always a Love Poem (Valentines 2021) on February 10, 2021

Greg Grummer, “Adam, In Search of Music” on October 7, 2020

Anna Leahy, “What Happened Was: I was at a party at a fraternity house” on March 10, 2021

Matthew Murrey, “We Dogs”
in Dog Days 2020, July 15, 2020

Maria Teutsch, “Kite Experiment in D Minor”
in Mother’s Day 2021, May 5, 2021 


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