Toon Musings: I am a Grinch

Let me explain. I was reading an article about one writer’s disillusionment with one of his heroes, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Junot Diaz. Apparently, Mr. Diaz has, despite his enlightened writing on toxic masculinity, been found to have engaged in it himself. I could declaim on the seeming ubiquity of bad behavior on the part of my gender, or on the internet’s ability to let people who share poisonous, hateful, monstrous ideologies to form “communities” and encourage each other and even recruit newcomers into their ranks (I think that’s bad, by the way). Those are Musings, certainly, but not terribly Toon. I may find a connection some day, and then, boyos and girlies, you’ll be in for some master level navel-gazing, you betcha!

But I am a frivolous person, and easily distractible. The term “latinx” figured prominently in the article, and got me thinking: what am I? My sister did a DNA analysis, as is the fashion nowadays, and it appears we are almost exclusively Northern European. How prosaic. I guess that makes me a gringo, or in the spirit of gender-neutrality, “grinx.”

Have I coined a new term? Is this my Ticket to Immortality? So I Googled it, and saw this:

In the interest of thoroughness, there is also a Pokémon with that name, but this resonates a bit more, I think.

So there you have it: a ‘Toon’ connection. I embrace my Grinchy heritage! Lets make it a meme, shall we?

Salon article 

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