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One thing I refuse to do with my life is to retire. I will always be working but whatever it is I’m working on, I’m sure I’m loving it. Maybe that’s just my youthful, super ambition talking but I tend to get involved in at least 36 hobbies at any given moment. If you were to ask me what I absolutely hate I would give you two answers: olives and working for other people. If you don’t love what you do for a living… I feel really sorry for you.

If you were to ask me what I love doing I would give you seventy hundred million answers. Sure, I love art and music but who doesn’t? I still yet to meet an individual who down right hates music. Just despises it. In all forms. But one thing that has always been ingrained in my soul is adventure. I have a tendency to do everything by myself because… like working for someone else… shit is going to hit the fan in some way, shape or form. And if you screw up, you screwed it up. Not Ken… or Meredith or Gustavo down in accounting. So when it comes to adventures, I’m a-ok with going on my own. . .Ahh adventure. The soul to any human spirit. Go out and start yours now. Because four minutes from now, you could be dead. Unless you plan on sitting in your chair for another four minutes… then you’ll probably be fine. But as soon as you step foot outside, it might be your last. So go out and get try to get Swine Flu. Then once you conquered that, you can say you defeated the pigs. Then people will think you somehow defeated the police.

On a different note… and a ending one at that… I love photography. I love nostalgia. I love creating memories and sharing stories with people and inspiring others to go out and fuck what they have been told their entire lives and do everything they have ever wanted to do. Don’t wake up tomorrow feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and go and don’t stop. –Tim Navis


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