Stanislav Markov

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Stanislav Markov (Garmonique) is a 24 year old photographer from Moscow.

The question is, what gives Stas M reason to shoot these images? Do they or do they not speak for themselves? Are our imaginations deeper than Stas M’s? It can be observed and said of the photographs that they are particularly, specifically chosen for their geometric appeal… the arrangement of shapes and shades along with shooting in a cold lighting. Although enjoyable in that the toning is unique, I feel something here is chilly and traced over with the blues. Pablo Campbell

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  2. Benjamin says:

    He can fill a frame & can create and fill a space & in so doing create forms symbolic of human feelings yet without obscuring, falsifying or exploiting the subject as such: not even in the dark, so to speak. This is rare among Escape into Life photographers and even rarer among 24-year-olds. Obviously, he knows what he’s doing. Apparently, he can photograph anything; which means that even at 24 he’s found a style of considerable flexibility, perhaps giving him epic reach. It’s unusual, remarkable & suggests considerable promise. One can’t help wishing him well and looking for what he does next.

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