Spring Sampler

Patricia Van Lubeck, Simmondsia_vitra1
Patricia Van Lubeck

Today is the vernal equinox, or first day of spring, in some times zones—tomorrow in others—in this leap year 2016! Wherever you are, please enjoy this Spring Sampler of art by artists who have been featured here at Escape Into Life since its beginnings, all posted by Carmelita Caruana, our past Artist Watch editor, working in Italy. Our thanks to Carmelita and these fine artists, who show us here a gorgeous, whimsical, surreal sampling of what’s to be found in our wide world as spring rolls around again. (Bunnies, eggs, dewdrops, buds, and a kite!) Click on each artist’s name to see the full solo feature, and then pursue the links to find out more and get up to date on that artist’s offerings! 

Evgenia Barinova, ebsalatshoprusevenlivelyvirtues09
Evgenia Barinova  

Noir Nuar, eggstralarge
Noir Nouar  

Martina Merlini, Three Rabbits
Martina Merlini 

Andrea Dezso, bunny-by-trees
Andrea Dezso 

Ilya Zomb, Ornamented with Granny Smith
Ilya Zomb  

Xiong Lijun, Kite
Xiong Lijun  

For more of the marvelous picks by Carmelita Caruana, start here!

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