Samone Turnbull

Artist Bio

Samone Turnbull was born in Arno Bay, South Australia, and currently resides in Adelaide where she works from her studio at home. Samone completed her Diploma Fine Art (Printmaking) in 1977 at the South Australia School of Art in Adelaide.

Samone’s art practice alternates between the disciplines of drawing, particularly in charcoal and pastel, and painting in acrylics, using still life and figurative subjects. Although the imagery of her work is based in the reality of the everyday, through the use of allegory, she seeks to convey a sense of the extraordinary and the inherent meaning to be found in the commonplace. Monumental form, dramatic light, expressive gesture and mood all serve to suggest an unfolding narrative that lies somewhere between whimsy and the elements of a fable. (bio)

Samone Turnbull at Harrison Galleries

Samone Turnbull  at Paintbox Fine Art

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