Randy Mora

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 1

Torre Blanca, 2010, dgital collage, 66 x 51.35 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 2

My Favourite Independent Bookshop: Gay’s the Word, London, 2011, for Client: The Guardian (UK)

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 3

The Amazing Truth, 2009, digital collage, 60 x 48 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 4

Nisi Dominus, 2009, digital collage, 43.5 x 60 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 5

Pan de Vida, 2010, digital collage 46 x 60 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 6

La Pitonisa, 2010, digital collage, 50 x 65 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 7

Redemption, 2009, digital collage, 42 x 60 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 9

Careless  Love, 2009, digital collage, 65 x 45 cm

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 9

Protagonistas del Cambio, 2010, consumption in Colombia series for Client: Dinero, Business & Economy Magazine

EscapeIntoLife_RMora 10

Psychopathic Bosses, 2011, for Client: Dinero, Business and Economy Magazine

About the Artist

Randy Mora (b.1986, Bogotá, Columbia) is attracted to the romantic idea of rescuing things forgotten, daily paraphernalia out of context, and giving them a new purpose in new surroundings.

“That’s what excites me the most about collage. When I face a work made out of diverse elements, I have the urge to get closer and just touch it. While a painting requires a certain distance and a contemplative posture, collage on the other hand, is more an intimate experience, less ceremonial.”

Randy’s collages develop from ideas he first puts down in small sketches. During the process, however, many variables lead him to other solutions far from the original idea. He usually works in Photoshop, scanning the pictures he needs. Each one of them has its own history:  “the key is to know how to organize them into a solid concept. I don’t like to rush things.” (Cut & Paste)

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