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About the Artist

Pablo Lobato was born in Trelew, Patagonia, Argentina in 1970. Not being very good at sports he used to spend long hours drawing superheros and medieval knights, instead of playing soccer like his friends. In 1982 he drew his first portrait, an illustration of Cesar Luis Menotti, the coach of the national soccer team at that moment.

Everybody seemed to like it so Pablo decided that this was his thing. But he did not want to be a painter, he admired Uderzo, not Cezanne. Fine Arts was too much, but graphic design could be a good choice to keep on drawing while paying the bills. He was wrong. He found that out after 5 years of studying at La Plata University and 5 more years of working in editorial design.

He got bored and decided to give one more chance to his true love: portraits. He was lucky to find a great rep: Anna Goodson, and things started rolling. He has worked for Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly, TV Guide, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Time, New York Daily News, People en espanol, etc.

Pablo is still drawing, his friends are not playing soccer anymore. (illustration mundo)

Pablo Lobato’s Blog

Pablo Lobato’s Flickr

Pablo Lobato  on Anna Goodson

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    your work is genius!

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