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Artist Bio

Max-o-matic = máximo tuja. Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After starting and quitting studying economics, I studied Communication. Among other stuff I read about marx&engels and their followers. While listening to The Clash and other punk bands I fell in love with the fanzine culture and became a  true follower of d.i.y. Fanzine took me to design; design took me to books and magazines. Then came internet and all that stuff.

Since 2002 I live in Barcelona. I illustrate pasting images. I try to create an imaginary world from torn pieces of the real world. In 2006 I created the Latex for Fun project and edited the project´s book published by Gestalten in May 2007.

I took part in group exhibitions in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Sevilla (Spain), Southport (U.K.), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Tokyo (Japan), Antwerp, Brussels (Belgium), New York (USA), Berlin (Germany), Mexico DF (Mexico) y Brisbane (Australia). My work was exhibited in solo shows in Barcelona, Falmouth (UK) and Lima (Peru).Worked for: Nike (AKQA Netherlands), EA (USA), SAP (Euro RSCG Germany) , Sunday Times Magazine (UK), Beams (Japan), Graniph (Japan), Gestalten (Germany), Telefonica (Spain), Pasajes Diseño (Spain), Picnic (Spain), Voices (USA), Teelocker (Hong Kong), LeCool (Spain), …

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