Martina Merlini

EscapeIntoLife_MartinaMerlini1Link Magazine, #3, 2009

EscapeIntoLife_MartinaMerlini2Link Magazine #4, 2010

EscapeIntoLife_Martina Merlini3

Rising – o la chiusura del cerchio (Rising –  or closing the circle),  2011, collage on paper


Three Rabbits, 2012

EscapeIntoLife_MartinaMerlini5Bull, 2010

EscapeIntoLife_MartinaMerlini6Moitié, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_MartinaMaerlini7Music Geometries, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_Martina Merlini8Edgar, EP cover, 2010


Ikebana #2, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_MartinaMerlini10Cut Rabbit, 2010, wallwork for Urban research Theatre, NYC


About the Artist

Martina Merlini aka P0na (b. 1986, Bologna, Italy)  is an illustrator currently living and working in Milan.  As a child she professed that she wanted to be a children’s book illustrator and she obtained her degree in illustration from Milan’s IED (European Design Institute).  Her work ranges across magazine illustrations, posters and record cover art to installations and murals. In her recent work she uses, at times in combination, figurative organic forms and strong graphic and geometric elements in an elegant, spare and visually powerful personal style.

Some children want to be famous movie actors, others want to become orchestra conductors, writers, astronauts. I wanted to be “a children’s books illustrator”, that was always my usual answer, pronounced with a pinch of pride. But i don’t think it was that reason the one that pushed me in this direction, instead I think it was that feeling you get when you see a well developed image, so strong yet so simple and you’d love to be able to create something so real and beautiful as well. – Martina Merlini (Fashion Blah Blah)

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