Markus Åkesson

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-1The Passage, 2012, 150 x 170 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-2The Woods (Pauline), 2010, 120 x 120 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-3 Sleepwalker, 2012, 150 x 160 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-4Child’s Play, 2011, 61 x 50 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-5 The Woods, 2012, 170 x 150 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-6The Scientist´s Room, 2012, 46 x 54 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-7The Woods ll, 2012, 170 x 150 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-8Psychopomp Club, 2012,  100 x 150 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-9Rites of passage (Kopetania), 2011, 120 x 130 cm

EscapeIntoLife_Markus-Akesson-10Insomnia (Mayuko), 2011, 100 x 150 cm

About the Artist

Markus Åkesson b.1975, lives and works in Sweden

“Markus Åkessons paintings deals with this; the interspaces between ideal and reality. A time related, spatial and psychological intermediate position where expectations and experience do not always join up. The paintings can be characterized by a compact stillness.And also something else. As a creation where one clearly understands that something has happened, and that something soon will happen. But we cannot see what it is. We are in the interval, the space in between. His works are also characterized by an almost fetishist attitude towards patterns, texture and surface, whether it’s a shoe, an oriental rug or the feathers of a vulture. A strong force that is catching and brings the spectator into the scenes.” –  Milou Allerholm, art critic and lecturer in Art History, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

Markus Åkesson’s Website

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