Manuja Waldia


Ode to Pizza


Tug o’ War

I Just Want to Comfort You

Friends of the Bride

Under the Stars

Three Cheers to Summer

Party for Two

Artist Statement

I draw themes about sisterhood and friendships among girls, celebrations, cakes, and cats. On the side, I make ceramics.

About the Artist

Illustrator and graphic designer Manuja Waldia was born and raised in India. She transferred from the fashion communication program at NIFT, in New Delhi, to Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She graduated from MIAD in 2014 with a degree in communication design.

Penguin Random House selected Manuja Waldia to create the covers for the publisher’s new Pelican Shakespeare series, which debuts in 2016, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. To comprise 40 book covers, the commission, Manuja Waldia says, is “the most exciting commercial project that I have had the opportunity to work on” as an emerging artist.

Currently, Manuja Waldia lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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