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Pretty Problems Eight ( Zine, Koyama Press)

About the Artist

Luke Ramsey is a 30 year old artist and illustrator living and working on Pender Island, Canada. In 2006 Luke and his partner Angela Conley set up the independent publisher and artist residency Island Fold.

It’s about inviting artists into our home, supporting creative identity, collaborating, promoting health and well being and producing unique art.

Artist Statement about the Pretty Problems Series:

This is a series of new work for an exhibit at El Kartel, Vancouver, Feb 2010. The art stems from personal expression about the government, the Olympics and using the work to comfort my mind and find the heart in art. It’s about recognizing the dark, but more importantly to me, feeling the light.

Luke Ramsey Interview

Along with character illustration, a lean towards political unrest also seem to be a common thread throughout your work (specifically your publication Petty Problems). Do you aim to address political or social problems through the message of your illustration, or just aim to plant the seed of thought into the spectators mind?

It’s a bonus when my audience is engaged and influenced in the messages of my work, but ultimately, it’s a method for me to let off a little steam. Art is a wonderful way to say something. I want it to be important to me. It’s not like I believe that being caught up in politics and world issues is everything, but there is a lot of truths that people don’t know about, and a lot of lies that people soak up. Love is the greatest truth, so I try my best to have that be a huge part of my art.

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