Len Zen

Hungry Valley

Storm Canyon

Radiant Canyon (bw)

Mist Valley Impression

Live Oak Hill

Polarizing Emphasis

San Pablo Drift

Blue Vision Ridge

Artist Statement

My name is Len Zen, I am a digital photo artist from Southern California. I am currently living in the Midwest (a year long test) and am longing for the hills, valleys and mountains of California where I’ve been photographing the landscape for ten years. I have thousands of base photos of various California regions that I took; I am selecting the best and working on them while here.

The hills and canyons of California have always held a fascination for me. Having grown up in the relatively flat Midwest, I was immediately drawn to the topography and to the contrast between the deep/dark green live-oak trees and their surrounding golden grasses. In this series of photographs, I have manipulated the images to heighten the mystery and mystic nature of the land I have come to love.

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