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About the Artist

Photographer Laurent Chehere (b. Paris, 1972) formerly worked in advertising, winning awards for his work on campaigns for Sécurité Routière, Audi, Nike and l’Équipe. Always fascinated by photography and travel, his many trips –  from Shanghai to Valparaiso, from Srinagar to Ushuais, from La Paz to Lhasa, from Bamako to Bogota –  feed his imagination, and in his photography he shares his vision of the world and the people who live in it. His work ranges across different kinds of photography, from reportage to the conceptual side of the medium.

With his background in advertising, he cultivated a taste for mis-en-scène and other original concepts. His special interest in architecture and off-beat ideas led to his series of “flying” houses,  which can be interpreted as metaphors for travel. In the series he shares his poetic vision of weary houses set free and cut loose from their moorings, rising above the anonymity of their street surroundings to soar high and demand our attention.

Laurent Chehere’s Website

Laurent Chehere at Galerie Paris-Beijing 

Laurent Chehere at Zeynep Represents

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