Kipling West

About this Series:

Kipling West’s meticulous illustrations command your attention. At first glance, the prismatic colors and flowing line work grab your eyeballs. Tight detail and pulsating composition impress and inspire as the image unfolds to reveal hidden creatures and mysterious symbols. After that, you simply fall into the page and become happily engulfed in a strange and beautiful wonderland. If you’re seeking a delightful diversion, head over to Kipling’s “Tales From The Moleskine” series and prepare to be dazzled.

She creates these images by narrating her life experiences in the form of a visual diary. Says Kipling, “My moleskine work is a kind of a visual diary; some stuff is private symbols, some things I don’t understand till after I draw them and then ‘oh, that’s how that fits together.'”  (Resplendent Chaos)

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