Julia Bruderer

juliabruderer 1 escapeintolife Spaces in Between series, no. 5

julia bruderer 2drawing no.12

julia bruderer 3 escapeintolifeSpaces in Between, no. 3

Julia Bruderer escapeintolife 4Spaces in Between, no. 2

julia bruderer 5 escapeintolife drawing no.4, 2008, ink on paper

julia bruderer 6 escapeintolifeSpaces in Between, no.8

julia bruderer 7 escapeintolifeA Bit Rabbit, Manimal Series 2, 2009, monotype

julia bruderer 8 escapeintolifeSpaces in Between, no. 7

Artist Statement

‘Illustration allows me to create worlds that I don’t even know exist until the moment they become a reality on paper. It gives me the freedom to live beyond the limitations of everyday existence. Some may call it escapism, but I prefer to see it as breaking my many self-made boundaries,’ explains Julia Bruderer.  She owes a lot, she says, to a childhood spent immersed in stories and allowing her imagination to wander to fantastical places. And that imagination has evidently served her well; last year she scooped the prestigious Swatch Young Illustrators Award at the Illustrative Festival in Berlin. For now, she has turned her attentions to a commission for a large oil painting, and is enjoying the unhurried process of the medium – ‘it’s a treat for my buzzing mind.’ The key, she says, is to be uncompromisingly herself. ‘If I had to describe my style, I would call it honest. If I try to be someone else in my work, I never succeed. My lines and marks don’t lie, which I guess is a strength and a weakness at the same time.’

Most influenced by:
‘Vedic and Buddhist philosophies have been a great influence in my life. I would rather underline the values these philosophies provide rather than list the names of those who teach them.’

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