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  2. amaliav says:

    This reminds me of Roald Dahls “The Big Friendly Giant” meets “Where the Wild Things Are”…very imaginative work, seems dreamlike in black and white.

  3. priscila says:

    dude i really like your workk!

  4. anasta says:

    this is grate

  5. Feck says:

    Love 'em – every one.

    Very nicely done.

  6. Feck says:

    Very nice indeed – love 'em.

  7. woah « TGIF says:

    […] here. […]

  8. ben says:

    pepperoni nipples

  9. BongMan says:

    Wish I could draw like this.

  10. mikhos says:

    This is intensely weird, but awesome.

  11. Jacx says:

    Interesting but try using some other mediums and also dont repeat yourself so much like the same style, characters and lines get boring and common way too rapid

  12. Kney says:

    Exactly what I thought too.
    I love it 😀

  13. Ellis says:

    Love it. Absolutely. What I really like is the constant contrast between startling grotesqueness and peaceful calm. Very nice work.

  14. Hannah says:

    I have fallen in love.
    But what interests most me is that this man's name is spelled 3 different ways on this page and the blogspot.

  15. lethe says:

    Thanks for catching that!

  16. besioux says:

    I understand……….

  17. This id wired, but still ok.

  18. Dugaldo says:

    So that's what that strange feeling is, that I get every time I take out the trash.

  19. Joshua Fields says:

    try adding just a we bit of color ? just a suggestion like just a lil bit where u want the eye to go cuz mine wandered a bit 😛

  20. nfn says:

    jesus. reading the comments is depressing. just do what you do. everyone’s got a opinion.

  21. Thiago Viana says:

    Great job! Your artwork have the power to estimulate our imagination! Keep it up!

  22. ChaosBox says:

    Beautiful, disturbing, and fascinating. Like a cross between Edward Gorey and Where The Wild Things Are.

  23. Nathan says:

    So GOOD!

  24. Nadia says:

    Wow… I loved it… and the sensations that it produced…
    It’s really good

  25. GSmooth says:

    How many times did your mother read “Where the Wild Things Are” to you before you went to bed? Amateurish and unoriginal. Wake up from your nightmare and dare to be bold. You've obviously have more talent than this.

  26. aimeealex says:

    Obviously inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are”, but where is the harm in that? There is not one way to illustrate our dreams, and I thank you for sharing yours. Please keep sharing……

  27. Meemz says:

    All those who have criticized, could not create what they have torn down….

  28. Quoriander says:

    I believe the only reason people are referring to “Where the Wild Things Are” is because of its childhood memory feel. These pictures sucked me into my past, and reminded me of all the different ways I saw the world. That you for the delightful art. It has definitely inspired me.

  29. Artsy Fartsy says:

    That is the most absurd thing I have heard someone say to an artist. “Gee, Chuck Close, don't paint so big… and maybe knock it off with all the portraits.” “Hey, Annie Leibovitz, can't you take up drawing instead of always using a camera, geez.” To tell an artist who has developed a style to just change it because a *collection* or *series* all fits together is insane.

  30. Caitlin says:

    I like the idea you play with of a world filled with monsters, sort of like a childhood remembrance of sorts. The sketching is extraordinary of the detail fused into each frame. I also appreciate the pseudo-realism mixed with the imaginary… it creates another world. Instead of having a “Where the Wild Things Are” motif, I feel you create the boogyman, the monsters under the bed, the creepy crawlers in the woods; a fascinating interpretation of the “monsters” within from the fears in our childhood. Great job and I hope you continue with your work.

  31. Dave says:

    really great. i love the detail, that sepia tone perfect.

  32. I like it…It looks like stuff I would dray in school

  33. Lune says:

    i really really like these

  34. manfre says:

    Cool and original style

  35. Amelia says:

    i like the way he draws tree branches

  36. CCC says:

    OK, I appreciated the craftsmanship of the work indeed, however… “cool and original style” is completely off. The first thing I thought was oh, “Where the Wild Things Are”… NOT.

    Soooooooo, not so “original” in my opinion, but a talented artist nonetheless.

  37. zwenkwiel says:

    or they simply did not like it.
    no need to get all defensive about it.
    can't argue taste

  38. Andee says:

    very edward gorey

  39. hixbe says:

    me too, still really really awesome though

  40. Korey says:

    very inspiring. thanks so much.

  41. Patrick M says:

    Dude you should definately draw for The Road of Knives.

  42. Steve says:

    great stuff. Reminds me of where the wild things are meets scary stories to tell in the dark.

  43. dew says:

    Disturbingly awesome

  44. Neetman says:


  45. Adi says:

    The whimsy of Dr. Seuss, the darkness of Stephen Gammell and Edward Gorey, the line work of Goya. Really, really nice. 🙂

  46. Adi says:

    The general idea may not be completely “original”, but the individual images are.. People place a lot of importance on “originality”, when it's a nearly impossible thing to achieve. Every great idea had a great inspiration– be it natural or manmade, intended to produce creativity or not.

    Im not saying you're placing an unnecessary importance or being too critical… I just had the thought. I was reminded of “Where the Wild Things Are” too, but it only interested me more. 🙂

  47. patch says:

    Pretty staggering stuff

  48. Adi says:

    why don't you get yourself a degree in art history and see where Maurice Sendak got his inspiration? Or do you know who that is?

    You're right though, it's wrong to be inspired.

  49. Wonderful riddance and such says:

    That kid just looks annoyed to me

  50. kbj says:

    I’d love to have the first one matted and hung in my house!

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