Jeremy Geddes

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-1A Perfect Vacuum, 2011, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-2Cluster, 2012

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-3Pale Memory, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-4Detail of small painting, a new work, for the October 2012 show at Jonathan LeVine

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-5Adrift, 2011, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-6Alley, 2007, oil on linen

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-7Freeway, oil on board, 2007

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-8The Street, 2010 – 2011, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-9The White Cosmonaut, 2009, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife_Jeremy-Geddes-10The Red Cosmonaut, 2009, oil on board

About the Artist

Jeremy Geddes (also known as Jem or Jez) is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia having moved there from New Zealand at a very young age. He studied painting in the early 90s and worked in video games as an art director. In 2003 Jeremy returned to painting full time and has since had his paintings published and exhibited around the world.

Jeremy Geddes’s Website

Jeremy Geddes Interview

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  1. “The White Cosmonaut”: wonderful.

  2. Thank you, I agree tht one is a particularly striking image.

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