Jeannie Phan


Hair is Dead V, 2010


Bellow, 2010


Hair is Dead, 2010

escapeintolife -jphan4

Get Off, Trees, 2010

escapeintolife -jphan5

Get Off, Diapers, 2010

esapeintolife -jphan6

Get Off, Animals, 2010


Hair is Dead III, 2010


Self, 2010

All works are pencil and digital

About the Artist

Jeannie Phan is a Vietnamese-Candian illustrator and designer.

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, she spent most of her time there tipping cows and churning butter apparently. Currently however Phan is based out of Toronto, Canada which, according to her, is “the city of smog and downtown hipsters.”

Jeannie Phan’s Website

Jeannie Phan’s Twitter

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