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Artist Statement

… I wanted to take my studio practice into a public space and onto a larger canvas and so Walking Drawings was born. It also meant I could connect and work more interactively with people. Walking Drawings experiments with a new way of drawing, swapping traditional media such as paint, charcoal and paper with landscapes, digital video pixels and people.

The Walking Drawings allowed those who took part to express their individual stories within the work, which in itself was both surprising and moving to see. The drawings are a conduit for bigger happenings which cannot be controlled or repeated but which are inherently beautiful.

About the Project

London Based Artist Evewright (Everton Wright) has been developing his Walking Drawings project over the last eight years. The project consists of a series of live experimental art installations which combine the elements – sand, sea, air – to create a new way of making, seeing and experiencing drawing.  Evewright creates large-scale drawings on selected ‘sandscapes’ along the British coastline using an old- fashioned tractor, rotavator and rake. The drawings are then infused with life when the public – and most recently Cumbria Heavy Horses – contribute by along walking the lines of his design.

About the Artist

Everton Wright is an Artist, Art Director and experienced brand/communication consultant. Working across media from design consultancy, film, sculpture to drawing, painting and public installations, his work is categorically bold, daring, confrontational and beautiful.

With twenty years of experience in commercial design and art direction (fifteen of those running his own successful creative agency ‘Creative Hands’) he has produced for brands such as Sony Music (including the iconic imagery for music artist Jamiroquai), South Africa Airways, Talawa Theatre Company and decibel, Arts Council. His art practice mashes up sculpture, video, painting and drawing to create new forms and materials.

Evewright’s Website

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