Eva Eun-Sil Han

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2010, collage on paper, 50 x 55.5 cm

2010, collage on paper,  55 x 65 cm

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2010, mixed media on paper, 75 x 70 cm

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Artist Statement

My work has involved the creation of conceptually based psychological objects and I use many geometric lines which helps me express my subconscious mind.

We can see people’s face emotions but how about if we can measure their emotions through shapes of geometry? Our emotions play an important role throughout the span of our lives because they enrich virtually all of our waking moments with either a pleasant or an unpleasant quality. I was wonder if we can measure our emotions with shapes of geometry.

To realize this emotional state in geometric shapes, I use many other type of colors and patterns papers cutting out images from magazines or vintage books using collage technique with mixed media such as oil painting or an acrylic.

About the Artist

Eva Eun-Sil Han was born in Korea where she lived for 27 years.  She was first introduced to collage in primary school. As a child she loved to play with papers, like “drawing paper, paper dolls, cutting them out, making their outfits.” She studied for two years at the Design Institute of Graphic Art in Seoul, Korea and one year at the L’Atelier d’Art de la Grange des Champs, Belgium.

Only [recently], when Eva Eun-Sil Han encountered the collages of Max Ernst did she start to use collage as a means of artistic expression. In her work she combines material from any kind of ready-made mass media, such as newspapers, magazines or old books. Eva Han prefers to use knife and glue rather than working with pixels on a computer screen, because it allows her to touch, feel and smell the different source papers. Especially old paper smells good to her.

To Eva Han, the appeal of collage lies in the fact that you can combine “idiosyncratic elements in one single space. And also use juxtaposition of ready-made images transposed into artistic compositions without cohesive syntax.”

Collage gives her unlimited room for imagination: “I don’t need any preparations – all I need is my Exacto knife, scissors, glue and papers and my subconscious mind. With the collage the unexpected happens.”

About the Work

Eva Eun-Sil Han definitely has both sides of her brain engaged.  The artist collages photographs, her own and others, often drawing and painting onto the paper. Many of them seem purely abstract and in most, the assemblage of images is in such bits and pieces they don’t seem meant to be discerned specifically.

But Han is going for a visceral response from us, whether it’s a response to the cut-and-paste drama of her constructions or the provocative glimpses of recognizable body parts. She doesn’t give us any hints since all are untitled.

Eva Eun-Sil Han’s Website

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