Elizabeth Magill

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Magill grew up in Northern Ireland but lives and works in London. She began exhibiting in the mid-1980s. She is a painter of prodigious versatility and inventiveness whose work has always drawn from a wide range of visual sources. While she has often integrated photographic materials and processes into her painting, in a number of novel ways, and has recently made an excursion into video, her primary fidelity has been to the medium of painting, in all its bewildering variety. Over the past few years her typically idiosyncratic revisioning of the tradition of the romantic sublime has resulted in a series of hauntingly distressed paintings of the landscape. Her first major solo exhibition was at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, in 1990.  (wikipedia)

Elizabeth Magill at British Council Collection

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3 responses to “Elizabeth Magill”

  1. Jamel Dargan says:

    Magill's images innervate and frustrate focus, in the most satisfying ways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    meant to say, PLAY ! PLAY MUSIC AND IS NOISE!! does not convey feelings!


  3. cecilinval says:

    sometimes, people play music, and it is a noise, or paint and it does not project a thing, or perhaps
    i can not be touched. These pictures , each one screams at me that there is, no matter what is going on,
    there is a life! HOPE
    makes me jump and reach for it!!
    thank you!!! i love them.

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