Ed Fairburn


Pencil on a cropped map of the English Lakes – specifically Lake Windermere.


Ink on a 1977 road map of Germany.

EdFairburn_starry_heavensPencil on celestial star charts.


Pencil on a geological map of Pennsylvania, 100cm x 60cm.

Ed Fairburn

Ink on reproduced military map of the Western Front (WWI)


Pencil on an original map of the Peak District, 120cm x 90cm.


Pencil on original Bartholomew map of Galloway.


Pencil on a celestial star chart.


Ink on an original street map of Paris, 60cm x 52cm.


Pencil on an original map of South Wales, 80cm x 80cm.

 Artist Statement

The work I produce is largely figurative, and through the exploration of the human form I examine the patterns and structures which exist across the body. Emphasis is placed on the ‘fragmented’ texture of the skin, a process which has encouraged my work to evolve from its occupation of plain paper to the potential occupation of other, pre-fragmented or pre-patterned surfaces.

Ed Fairburn’s Website

Ed Fairburn Interview

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  1. Annie Gabriel says:

    I’ve always loved maps, but it never occurred to me to use the actual map as the base – your artwork is truly stunning, and I’ll have those images in my mind forever.

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