Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson has been a professional Freelance Illustrator and Gallery Artist since his graduation from The Maryland Institute College of Art in the Spring of 1995.

His work has received honors from Print’s Regional Design Annual, The Society of Publication Design, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, American Illustration, and Society of Illustrators Los Angeles from which he received the Gold Award in the Editorial category for the Illustration West 43 contest.

He has recently been a part of gallery shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Hamburg (Germany), and Melbourne (Australia).

Colin enjoys collecting art and toys, driving mac trucks, building quonset huts, circumnavigating the globe in his custom made hydrofoil, and is also a huge fan of both music and film.  He lives and works in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

From LCS Interview with Colin Johnson :

Do you consider yourself to have a defined style?

Styles plural may be a better way of describing what I do these days. I think that I tend to combine a number of different styles which hopefully represent my work well. I don’t think that my “style” is as clearly defined as other artists that I know but as long as the work is consistently strong and progressive then I’m satisfied. This may be a better question for the viewers of my work than for myself as the artist.

Colin Johnson’s Website

Colin Johnson’s Flickr

4 responses to “Colin Johnson”

  1. great colors, very bold style.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just awesome! Loving the colors!

  3. Chris says:

    Thank you, this work is proving very popular among our followers!

  4. Yes, fabulous colours and a mass of intricate detail

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